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Building to Building Wireless Antenna Kit

We make custom cables and kits to meet YOUR special WiFi applications needs!   It's easier and more affordable! Discount Prices!

Buy this best value Wireless Antenna Kit -- It includes everything stated below, for Only $559*

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Building-to-Building Antenna Building-to-Building Antenna Building-to-Building Antenna Building-to-Building Antenna

WIFI 802.11b, g, 2.4 GHz
Building to Building Wireless Antenna Kit

Supplied Materials:

  1. Two (2) Pre-configured 58g Wireless Access Points: (By email , we will correspond with you to get all the settings we need to set up the access points in a secure manner, and to work seamlessly with your particular LAN--local area network) (We take the headache out of setting up your wireless bridge securely) (SEE NOTES BELOW).
  2. Two (2) 2.4 GHz 15.5 dBi Wireless LAN Planar Array Antennas;
  3. Two (2) Universal Antenna Mounts & 8 Mollies to install the antenna mounts;
  4. Two (2): RG-58 cables with the appropriate connectors and the cable length of your choice, upto 25 ft in length. (SEE NOTES BELOW).
  5. Power over Ethernet for the access points;
  6. Email, and online chat installation support;
  7. Installation Instructions.
  8. Two (2) Cat 5e cables to connect the Access Points to your network--up to 25ft for each access point (SEE NOTES BELOW).

The instructions that you receive will contain all the details needed to install the antennas in a timely manner.
In other words, since we have constructed and used our own antennas successfully, we supply all that you need to get job done without you having to do research, or go to the stores 15 times to complete the job.

NOTES: As our name states we build CUSTOM cables and setups for all we sell. Our customer service is second to none. Our aim is to sell you what YOU need for a CUSTOM setup. With this in mind, we offer the following additional services:

  1. Access Points that are faster than 54g
  2. Discount RG58 or LMR400 coax cables longer than 25ft and made to your specifications
  3. Discount Cat 5e cables that are longer than 25ft and made to your specifications

  4. To add any of these additioanl services for a discount price: Contact Us

Questions? Contact Us)
* 5-7 business days of lead time needed to configure and ship the kit. Ground shipping & Handling cost: about $38 depending on destination & speed.

Our products are Lab tested before shipping. See Terms and Conditions of Sale.

If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Thanks for your interest!

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