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Do It Yourself (DIY) Cantenna Antenna Kit

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Making a WiFi 802.11b, g, 2.4 GHz Cantenna (Antenna)

Supplied Materials:

  1. Easily understood instructions on how to construct the Antenna.This is perhaps the best feature of this kit. We tell you every detail of the parts / supplies and detailed steps on how to make the Cantenna.
    **Other online kits either donít supply the instructions, or, their instructions are a hard read.

  2. Custom cable / pigtail of your choice (e.g. RP-SMA to N-Type Male, or RP-TNC to N-Type Male, RG-58 50ohm low-loss coax cable, up to 24Ē in length.) OTHER TYPES OF CONNECTORS AND CABLE LENGTHES AVAILABLE. Please specify connector type and cable length needed by the NIC or router by Email. This cable will connect the Antenna to your PC NIC card or router. (See Note below)

  3. N-Type Female to Solder Panel Connector
  4. A piece of 12 Gauge wire
  5. 4 Screws to attach the Panel Connector to the tin can.

In other words, since we have constructed and used our own Cantenna successfully (!), we supply all that you need to get job done without you having to do research, or go to the hardware store 15 times to complete the job. As long as you have a soldering gun, solder, drill, and a drill bit that is specified in the instructions, the task of assembling the Cantenna should be easy like 1-2-3.

NOTE: Since the panel connector is N-Type Female RG-58, all cables will be made with RG-58 cable and one end will have an N-Type Male connector to attach to the Panel connector; YOU WILL NEED to specify the other end connector that you need in order to attach to your Router or NIC/PC card etc. If MMCX or MC is the type of connector you need, an adapter from RP-SMA to MMCX or MC will be supplied with additional charge. See the Adapters page to add to your shipping cart.

Materials You supply:

  1. A tin can about 3 inches in diameter (more precise instructions will be supplied in the kit). In the supplied instructions we have pictures of the types of cans we purchased and successfully used to build our cantenna.
  2. A drill, with bits large enough to mount the Panel connector.
  3. A soldering gun
The instructions that you receive will contain all the details needed to construct the cantenna in a timely manner.

Cantenna Kit: $24.99

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If you have any questions or requests, please email contact us.

Thanks for your interest!

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