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We make custom cables - Build Custom RF/Radio/Microwave/WiFi/WLAN Coaxial Cables/Pigtails Online - FAST shipping, Easy payment, and LOWEST market Prices!

Contact Us and we will try our best to help you get what you need AT the Lowest Prices!
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We make Custom Cables / Pigtails for your special needs!

Buy Online! -Any length you want - ALL at LOWEST market prices! (No min. order limits)

FIRST: Decide the type of cable you need. Use the table below;
Which Cable Do I need?

SECOND: Scroll down the specific cable page, and Pick the Length you need.
THIRD: Select the connectors you need. (Newly added: FME, Mini-UHF, UHF...) Which Connectors do I need? See Pictures  RF Connector types for devices   shipping policy
LMR-195, RG-58/U* Cable & Assembly LMR-400* Cable & Assembly
LMR-195 Plenum Cable & Assembly LMR-400 Ultra Flex (UF)* Cable & Assembly
LMR-240 Cable & Assembly LMR-600 Cable & Assembly
(^ include Cable-By-the-foot Bulk Cable Pricing) (^ include Cable-By-the-foot Bulk Cable Pricing)
Connectors Only;   Crimper, Crimp Tools;   Adapters, Short Pigtails
Cantenna Kit
Building to Building Wireless Antenna Kit
Custom / Special Orders: Contact Us

See More Connector / Cable Technical Details with Pictures >>         See WEEKLY SPECIALs** >>

(*High-Quality RG58/U; Our LMR400 equivalent cable from Shireen - This high quality ultra-low-loss CA-400-series cable features equal performance and mechanical characteristics to similar cables from Times Microwave Systems®, Belden and Andrew® ... See More Details...

Shipping: We usually ship with expedited shipping methods (3-4 days) within 1 business day upon receiving cleared payment.   View Shipping Policy.

TIPs:   See Details with Pictures
A MALE connector has threads on the inside (a Reverse type connector with inside threads is a "PLUG");
A FEMALE connector has threads on the outside (a Reverse type connector with outside threads is a "JACK").

For WiFi applications: Signal loss for our ultra-low-loss  LMR-400 equivalent cable: effective loss over 20 feet is about 1.3 db, which is trivial. (Every 3 db is half power.)

For cables over 12 ft, may we suggest that you use the LMR-240 or ultra-low-loss  LMR-400 grade and above to help limit the amount of WiFi signal loss (i.e. obtain more signal strength) ...
More Technical Details ...


Other LMR Cables or Special Orders - Contact Us Directly.
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Connectors or Adapters ONLY  Order Here   *All RG-58 series are LMR195 equivalent, and 400-series cables are LMR400 equivalent. Current available connectors are 3-piece-Crimp or Solder type only. Custom/Special orders can be placed by Contacting Us.

Our One and Only -- Do It Yourself (DIY) Cantenna / Can-Antenna Kit Hot Item

Includes a custom cable of up to 48 in. (or even 5 ft if requestd), and EVERYTHING you'd need to build you own directional cantenna!

Custom / Special Orders - Contact Us.

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